University of Kentucky Season

Courtesy of ESPN

Recently, some news came up about NCAA basketball that shocked most of the nation. Last year, University of Kentucky won the Division 1 NCAA Championship, only losing two games in the regular season. After their crowning though, they lost most of their good players in the NBA Draft. This season, Kentucky has lost two games to unranked teams and fell from seed #8 to unranked. Last summer, Kentucky had to rebuild their roster to try to get back another win.  Kentucky is trying to regroup and finish the season with a positive attitude.

Recruit prospects piled in over the summer, but of the many, only six spots were open. Recruits were chosen by character, respect for authority, and skill. Among the people that were chosen to play for Kentucky was Julius Mays. Being a transfer from Wright State, he had experience coming into this Kentucky line-up. He brings skill from behind the arc in 3-point shooting and leadership. He led Wright State last year, and that will probably be the case this year at Kentucky.

Another top player Kentucky got signed this year is Willie Cauley-Stein. Coming off a senior year at Olathe Northwest High School, he bring excitement to this team.  He plays center position, and being 6’10, 215 pounds, he also brings shot-blocking and rebounding. He had three double-doubles last season, and this year, he is looking to a strong finish this season off of the bench.

Probably the most exciting addition to the Kentucky line-up is Nerlens Noel. What does he bring? Defense. Being scouted by schools all over the country this guy is ranked 1st in the nation. Over all sports recruiters and criticisers have told that his best part is shot-blocking and rebounding. But is his offense good? Can he help Kentucky on the offensive side too? Can he put an end to all critics? He has so far. From not so good scoring in high school, he has averaged 11.4 points in college.

Alex Poythress. One of the best high school recruits. Ranked 7th by scouts over the nation, he is explosive on the offensive side. Averaging 27.1 points per game last year, he will really bring a lot to this new roster. Has he been explosive this year at Kentucky though? So far, no. Averaging 15.4 points per game last year, he needs to get into attack mode.

Now, two more Kentucky new recruits to go. This guy can score as well as Poythress. His name is Archie Goodwin. During high-school, his scoring nature was exactly like Alex Poythress. He can score a lot, and rebound too. Always driving to the rim and hitting long jump shots. Something he needs to improve though, is his too easy of a personality. Always clowning around, he needs to be more discipline and seriousness.

Last Kentucky recruit. His name is Ryan Harrow. This guy is a transfer from N.C. State. Last year, he helped N.C State get through some of March Madness last year. But now, he needs to play with Kentucky, a different system. Handling the ball has been a problem last year. Most possessions last year came up with endless dribbling and forced shots. With Coach Calipari on his side though, this year looks to be successful.

With these reviews, this Kentucky team still has work to be done. With a bit more chemistry and experience, this team could go a long way.

Jack Feliciano
Class of 2015


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