Eight Grade Caritas Interview
Interview By: Katelyn B.
Description By: Dawson D.

[audio https://s3.amazonaws.com/ctk_podcasts/caritos+interview.mp3]

Katelyn: Hello, this is Katelyn here to interview Haley. Good afternoon Haley.

Haley: Hi.

Katelyn: So today we’re here to talk about Haley’s experience at Caritas since the 7th Graders are gone this week. Overall Haley, how did you like Caritas?

Haley: Well, Caritas was the best experience I could have ever with my class because we’ve bonded really well.

Katelyn: Great! What was your favorite activity or game while at Caritas. I know Gaga ball has been extremely popular. Personally Alcatraz was my favorite.

Haley: Well, there are a lot of games that we did as a class but in our hiking group we did umm “Where’s my Squirrelly Squirrel?” where we had to get a squirrel, a toy squirrel, between our hiking group leaders legs and we had to try to have everyone like touch the squirrel before we got behind the tagline, and we won it was very fun.

Katelyn: Well, I’m glad you had fun. So tell us a little bit about the clubs at Caritas. Which ones did you join?

Haley: Well, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who’s going to go to Caritas but I say I joined everyone except for kissing the banana slug club.


Haley: That was not fun.

Katelyn: If there. If there was one piece of advice. You would give to someone heading off to Caritas what would it be.

Haley: Don’t forget to be yourself. That’s the one piece of advice I would give because if you’re not yourself, you don’t show anyone that you’re like a completely a different person. You show you want to be yourself especially because… well I just said that.
Katelyn: An amazing piece of advice. Well thats all folks tune in next time.


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